Who We Are

Lush green shola forests, carpets of tea gardens and agriculture that supports a plethora of different fruits and vegetables, resonates with The Nilgiris. Though strategically located and blessed with ideal growing conditions, The Nilgiris is no exception to challenges our agricultural sector faces. Unsustainable farming practices, unpredictable weather conditions, the loss of nutrition and quality in the supply chain, eventually contributing to a substandard produce. Our founders are sons of the soil with a rich experience in building communities that grow together. Our founders have over a decade of experience is giving the best price to tea planters by sourcing headloads and also beaing able to fetch the highest price for manufactured tea in the bulk sales market. Driven by vision to infusing technology and promote sustainable farming practices. CONTINUUM was formed to eventually represent a community of growers with a primary focus of bringing fresh contamination free produce, Now we are overwhelmed with the welcome we’ve had across all channels of supply. We are leading the way in educating the community that, it is possible to produce nutrition rich and contamination free food, in a large scale. We have adopted protected farming methods that ensures a high standard of production and consistent supply throughout the year.

All continuum farms are Hydroponic farms. We grow 35 different leafy greens and fruiting vegetables that are shipped almost every day to all major cities in the south. We run our own refer trucks that operate between our farms to leading hotel chains, restaurants and gourmet stores in all major cities of south India. In the process, we have created a great work environment for women in the vicinity. Our employees are the real brand ambassadors of CONTINUUM. Each one of them shares our mission to eliminate detrimental farming practices and growing quality food that is available consistently.

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What we do

CONTINUUM farms are located at multiple elevations in the Nilgiri hills. Our grow areas are at an elevation between 1250m to 1800m. This allows us to grow a wide range of leafy greens and fruiting vegetables. The fluctuations in temperature, humidity and availability of sunlight are minimal. This allows us to create a conducive environment to grow a wide range of produce. The water we have in the Nilgiris is at a PPM of 50 or below. This eliminates the need to treat or process water. It also ensures that the plants are able to absorb the nutrition easily. Lack of good quality water is a major challenges challenge for hydroponic farms in India. The Nilgiris district shares the border between three states. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. This ensures that our produce is available in all major cities in South India, within 24hrs of harvest. Given all these great attributes of the Nilgiris.

HOW do we grow

Our cultivation methods ensure individual crop gets, the precise quantities of the essential mineral. The required nutrition is made available, directly to the roots. This enables us to grow more in less space, and more so, it ensures a high level of nutrition in the produce. Once the crop is harvested, there is a 30% loss in nutrition and this applies to all farming methods. Multiple handling at multiple places in the supply chain journey, only adds to the loss of nutrition. Most often, the consumer is left wondering about the real benefits of the food they consume. We bring you the produce directly from the farm and make it available at hotels & restaurants, large retailers and at your homes. We eliminate all the multiple handling seen in the existing supply chain as we operate our own reefer trucks from the farm to the consumers doorstep delivering nutrition rich and great looking produce.


Contamination free

Farm to door in shortest lead time

100% FREE of harmful Pestisides and Insecticide

Rich in Nutrition